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    David Copperfield

    thrown by his surprise into a fit of coughing, ‘you don’t say so!

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    looking at the fire

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    ‘What end?’ I asked, possessed by my former fear

    pleased I said, certainly we would have him Next Mrs Crupp said

    knees, and doubled himself up with laughter With perfectly silent

    woke them Opposite me was an elderly lady in a great fur cloak,

    The twins no longer derive their sustenance from Nature’s

    some look of dislike or scrutiny that would find new cause for

    giants’, but they were not produced on that occasion

    blame is mine Dora—’

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    which I must say does not seem intended to propitiate, induces me

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    ‘You talk,’ said Agnes, breaking into a pleasant laugh, as she sat

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    Coach Office, Dover’ This I had in my pocket ready to put on the

    it,—as papa used to say’

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    He put his hat under his arm, and feeling in his breast for

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